Modern Palo Santo Holder

A beautiful and functional holder for your incense ritual with Palo Santo Wood.


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Gutmann - Design handcrafted concrete goods made in Germany.
Gutmann - Design Sustainable Products with safe Materials.
Gutmann - Design free shipment from 49€ (DE).
Gutmann - Design 30 days risk free trial.
Gutmann - Design handcrafted concrete goods made in Germany.
Gutmann - Design Sustainable Products with safe Materials.

Sacred wood

meets concrete

With our Concrete Palo Santo Holder, using Palo Santo wood is easy and safe. The ashes are collected neatly on the holder and the harmonious design makes your ritual a special experience.

Ein Design Heiliges Holz Halter asu Beton auf einer Holzplatte.

and beautiful

The design of the Palo Santo bowl is light and bold and its shape is designed so that the ash from the incense wood falls into the holder and not next to it. The hole in the sloping part holds the holy wood in place so that all residues are collected.

Palo Santo

Incense ceremonies are experiences that appeal to all your senses - and our Palo Santo holder as an alternative to ceramics also lives up to this claim. The surface of the concrete is velvety soft, so it feels smooth in your hand when you carry it around to clear and harmonize your living spaces. Whether for incense, as an accompaniment to yoga or meditation or as a mosquito repellent with a soothing fragrance - this hand flatterer plays with the senses.

Halter für Palo Santo-Holz aus Beton auf Holztisch mit Palo-Santo-Stäben.
Ein Halter für heiliges Holz zum räuchern.

Traditional smoking
with Palo Santo Sticks

The shapes and sizes of Palo Santo sticks are as numerous as the cultures in which incense ceremonies are held. Regardless of whether you use sticks with short, long, thick or thin ends, the Palo Santo holder is shaped in such a way that every wood has a secure hold and can develop its effect. This allows you to remain completely mindful during your incense ritual.

Concrete Accessory
for your home

With its 310 g, the holder for holy wood is just as solid and firm on the surface as the other smoking accessories from our company. Felt Feet are attached on the underside so that the holder stands gently and securely on your table, sideboard or windowsill without leaving any scratches.

Unterseite eines Palto Santo Halter mit Filzfüßen.

Details about the

Palo Santo Holder:


High-performance concrete, felt feet


Height x length x width : 50 x 134 x 52 mm


310 g

Made in Germany 🇩🇪

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Palo Santo holder:

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Peter Maier
Peter Maier
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Hübsches Teil.

2 years ago

Frequently asked questions about

Palo Santo holder and smoking holy wood:

The hole of the Palso Santo holder is designed to hold all commercially available Palo Santo sticks up to 23 mm in diameter. If you have larger pieces of sacred wood, you can easily split and divide them with a kitchen knife.

Yes, you can carry the incense wood holder around. The hand-flattering design invites you to carry the holder with the glowing Palo Santo wooden stick through your living room. The rooms are energized and cleaned.

Like all of our products, the smoking wood holder is designed and produced in Germany, in tranquil Ulm.

Use a lighter or match to light the very end of the piece of wood. As soon as it burns, wave the wood until only the end is glowing. The glow releases the essential oils of the wood and spreads through the smoke in your home.

You can extinguish the smoldering wooden stick under running water, but you will then have to wait for it to dry before you can light it again. Alternatively, you can dip the smoldering end into sand and continue smoking as soon as possible.

Yes, you can use the Palo Santo holder for home smoking. As soon as the wood is smoldering and smoking, you can safely move around your living space and smoke with the holder without having to worry about the smoldering piece of wood falling down.

Yes, you can use the smoking wood holder wonderfully in your practice! The smoking wood holder is designed so robustly that it can be used all day long. Your customers and patients will enjoy the puristic and modern design.

No, the concrete of the Palo Santo holder, our products are provided with long-term protection. Sealing the surface protects against contamination and maintains the velvety-soft feel of the concrete.

Concrete is a very robust material. The Palo Santo holder can usually survive everyday drops without damage; in the worst case, a corner will splinter.

Basically, the concrete Palo Santo holder has the same color as in the product photos. However, concrete is a natural product made from the raw materials cement and sand, which are subject to natural color variations. There may therefore be minimal color differences from batch to batch. If you buy several items from our portfolio at once, we will of course look for products that match in color so that you end up with a harmonious set.

No, the material can withstand the temperatures that occur when the Palo Santo stick burns.

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    Peter Maier (store manager)

    Hübsches Teil.

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  2. English

    Rosali Czisch (store manager)

    Ich liebe den Geruch von Palo Santo. Mit diesem Halter macht das Räuchern nun noch viel mehr Freue.

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