Company principles

Gutmann - Design has been a close to the heart project of our founder Martin from the very first minute and its treated like this in our daily business. Our corporate principles are the foundation on which we build our company and ensure long-term success. These principles are not just guidelines, but form the heart of our organization and shape our daily actions. We give you an insight into our attitude and our values:


It is very important to us to use the earth's resources responsibly and thus make our contribution to a sustainable and conscientious approach to the environment.
For us, sustainability means designing and producing products that are highly functional and have a high utility value; products made from materials that last for decades and thus counteract the trend towards a throwaway mentality.
Our motto "Buy now, keep forever" is our faithful companion in all product development processes. As our main material, concrete has been used for centuries in building and bridge construction and has outlasted several human lifetimes. When selecting the wood, we rely on local oak wood, which is considered one of the most robust types of wood. Our packaging material consists largely of paper and cardboard and the recycling of these materials is promoted by a license paid by us. We do not use plastics for transportation.

Zum wohle unserer Natur handeln wir bewusst nachhaltig in unserer Betonmanufaktur.
One Team one Dream, nur gemeinsam sind wir stark. Strong together.


We source our raw materials from regional suppliers with short supply chains:

  • Our sand comes from gravel pits within a hundred kilometers around our workshop.
  • The wood comes from surrounding forests. It has been dried by the wind for years and is only sealed with natural wood oil.
  • The cement is produced in Germany.

All production steps for our products take place in Ulm (Germany) and the surrounding area.


We know our business partners and suppliers personally and maintain long-term partnerships, based on trust.

Mit starken Partnern große Projekte vollbringen. Ganz im INteresse des Kunden

At Gutmann - Design, we live our values. Here you can find out more about it.

Fairness and

Fairness is one of the most important values of our founder Martin. We believe that all people involved in and around Gutmann-Design should be fairly paied and employed.
Whether as an employee in our workshop or forestry, as an excavator driver in the gravel works or as a parcel delivery driver - everyone should be fairly paied. Wherever we can and have influence, we select our collaborations according to these premises.

Full of

We love what we do and we mean it. We do it voluntarily and were not forced to do so. The daily contact with beautiful products and things fulfills us. On Sundays, we can hardly wait for Monday to come around so that we can start again with full passion and enthusiasm. We like to develop new products for you and with you to make the world a little prettier.

Spiegelglatte Betonoberflächen

or no sale ?

Black Friday, Prime Day, Cyber Monday, summer sale, Mother's Day bargains - without us!

Why are there no discounts, sales or bargains at Gutmann-Design?

The reasons are simple and quickly explained:

  • We have priced our products fairly. Our prices reflect the material and manufacturing costs under fair conditions. We want to treat all customers equally and fairly. We don't want to disadvantage anyone who didn't happen to buy during the sale period.
  • As we are committed to sustainability, we want our products to last a lifetime - which contradicts a rash, quick impulse purchase. It therefore makes no sense for us to use artificial incentives to drive up sales.
  • Companies that take part in recurring discount campaigns include this in their calculations from the outset. We want to convince with honest quality and not play with "Fear of missing out" (FOMO).

We don't have a sale, but we definitely have high-quality products with a unique design and excellent customer service. We are always open to questions and suggestions.

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Unterschrift Künstler Gutmann - Design
Gutmann - Design handmade Concrete in Germany.
Gutmann - Design handcrafted concrete goods.
Gutmann - Design use safe materials and environment friendly.
Gutmann - Design Sustainable to the environment.
Gutmann - Design handmade Concrete in Germany.
Gutmann - Design handcrafted concrete goods.
Gutmann - Design use safe materials and environment friendly.
Gutmann - Design Sustainable to the environment.