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In this FAQ section you will find the most important questions and answers about concrete and our concrete workshop Gutmann - Design. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Frequently asked questions about concrete:

Hier trägt unser Gründer Martin einen Seifenspender aus Beton in seiner Hand.

1) Payment

You can pay with us by credit card, SEPA direct debit, instant bank transfer, advance payment, Giropay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

You can enter your voucher code in 2 places on our website:

1.) On the shopping cart page at the bottom left

2.) On the checkout page at the top center

2) Shipping and Delivery

For delivery within Germany we charge a flat rate of €4.90 per order. We deliver free shipping for orders over €49. For all other Shipping costs please click here.

Yes, we deliver directly to Switzerland, you don't have to use a service provider.

We mostly ship with DHL. International shipments are sometimes also sent with Hermes.

Yes, we also deliver to DHL packing stations. Please make sure to enter your address in our address form in accordance with DHL guidelines. You can find this information here.

We will usually start shipping your product within 1-2 days. Depending where you are its hard to give estimates. Please check with DHL.

3) Returns

We are convinced of the quality and design of our products and want you to be too. If you don't like a product, you can easily return it to us within 30 days and receive a refund of the delivery costs and the value of the goods. The return shipping is your responsibility.

To return, please fill out our Cancellation form and enclose it with your return. Please send the goods back to us well packaged. Ideally, you use the robust packaging in which we sent you the products. As soon as the goods are back with us, they will be checked and the purchase amount will be refunded to the payment method you used.

Unfortunately, personalized products cannot be exchanged. This includes products that have been custom-made or otherwise personalized according to your wishes (for example with a logo or similar).

4) Manufacture and production

Concrete is a material with many great properties that makes it an incredibly fascinating material. Here are our top 10:

  1. Individual: Concrete develops its very own surface as it hardens - small air pores, streaks and patterns make each piece unique.
  2. Durable: Concrete gets harder every day (see bridge construction).
  3. Environmentally friendly: No waste is generated during production and the products are fully recyclable.
  4. Puristic: Concrete doesn't need any frills to be elegant and beautiful.
  5. Wear-free: The resistance of concrete is unique.
  6. High quality: When manufactured and handled correctly, concrete is of high quality.
  7. Sturdy and valuable: The high weight gives the products additional value.
  8. Velvet-soft: The natural feel feels as smooth as glass.
  9. Creative: Concrete can be designed in all imaginable ways.
  10. Waterproof - and therefore particularly suitable for bathrooms and outdoors.

We manufacture all of our products in Germany, in Ulm. Both design, prototype construction and the production of the unique concrete pieces.

Yes, we are happy to make custom-made products for you. Custom-made products are no problem for us. We love creating new things. Even if you only have a rough idea of your desired product - together we will find a way to make it happen. Send us a message or just call us.

Yes, we make our molds ourselves. Our products are designed and developed by us from the first pencil stroke - the complex mold construction also takes place in-house.

Martin, our founder, designed most of the products himself. Every now and then we collaborate with other product designers.

Wherever possible, we source our raw materials from our region with short transport routes. Here are a few examples: We use aggregates that come from gravel pits located around our workshop. The cement we use is made in Germany. To keep in touch with our sustainability principles, our oak wood is cut from regional sources. If you would like to find out more about it, take a look at our corporate principles.

Our designer concrete mix consists of:

  • High-performance cement
  • Sand in a grain size grading specified by us
  • Water
  • Additives that increase flow properties and prevent possible cracking

We add the individual components precisely to the gram; during the mixing process we adjust with experience in order to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mass. If you would like to know more about this, click here to go to our design concrete page.

5) Products

Our great, hand-flattering surfaces are created through two very important manufacturing steps: a) We grind our original models to a very, very fine grain size, down to the level of a glass surface. This means many hours of additional work building models - from our point of view, time well invested. b) We have now spent well over 3 years developing our concrete recipe. Always with the aim of getting the most out of the material. You can read more about our design concrete here.

Our goal is to create concrete products that last a lifetime, perhaps even beyond. Bridge construction has shown how durable and robust concrete is.

Concrete is a very robust material. The products usually survive everyday drops without damage; in the worst case, a corner may splinter.

Basically the concrete products has the same color as in the product photos. However, concrete is a natural product made from the raw materials cement and sand, which are subject to natural color variations. So there may be minimal color differences from batch to batch.If you buy several items from our portfolio at once, we will of course look for products that match the color so that you end up with a harmonious set.</p >

Our unique pieces withstand wind and weather thanks to our high-quality concrete mix and subsequent sealing. The products can be left outside 365 days a year without being damaged by the weather.

Concrete develops its surface as it hardens. Shades, streaks and colors arise that are just as impossible to influence as the annual rings of a tree. It is this randomness that makes every product unique. Concrete is a natural product and not for 100% perfectionists. Different shades of color and voids are characteristics of the material and do not represent a defect.

Yes, we are happy to attach your logo to the products. We have developed methods with which we can incorporate any type of logo or lettering into your unique concrete products. You can find examples of personalizes concrete products here.

We use oak wood from local German woods, which has been naturally dried by wind and weather. This wood, like our concrete, stands for naturalness, value and longevity.

6) Cleaning

Like many natural materials, concrete is an open-pored and absorbent material and is therefore susceptible to all kinds of contamination. For this reason, our products are provided with double long-term protection. Sealing the surface protects against contamination and maintains the velvety-soft feel of the concrete.

To ensure that the open-pored structure is protected, our products are provided with multiple long-term protection. Sealing the surface protects against contamination and maintains the velvety-soft feel of the concrete.


  • Clear water is the simplest and most gentle form of cleaning.
  • After cleaning, please dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  • If there is serious dirt, please only use neutral or mild
    cleaners (no citrus additives, no limescale cleaner).
  • Anything acidic that comes into contact with the concrete must be removed immediately with lukewarm water.


  • Do not use scouring pads, steel wool or harsh cleaning agents, as these create unsightly matt spots.
  • Do not use limescale removers (vinegar, bathroom & citrus cleaner). Concrete consists of a high proportion of lime, this type of cleaner damages it beyond repair.
  • Sharp-edged objects leave scratches; if these are too deep, the protective layer is destroyed, in which case follow-up treatment is necessary.
  • If acidic and coloring liquids (e.g. fruit and vegetable juices, wine, espresso) get on the unique items, please wipe them off with lukewarm water as quickly as possible.

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Martin_Gutmann ・Inhaber ・Gutmann-Design
Gutmann - Design handmade Concrete in Germany.
Gutmann - Design handcrafted concrete goods.
Gutmann - Design use safe materials and environment friendly.
Gutmann - Design Sustainable to the environment.
Gutmann - Design handmade Concrete in Germany.
Gutmann - Design handcrafted concrete goods.
Gutmann - Design use safe materials and environment friendly.
Gutmann - Design Sustainable to the environment.