Espresso knock box concrete & stainless steel

The handmade coffee knock box made of concrete combines functionality and cleanliness with a brilliant look and feel. Just right for all home baristas and coffee lovers who value design and functionality

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Gutmann Design stell in Deutschland her.
Betondesign unbedenkliche Materialien von Gutmann - Design.
Nachhaltige Beton Manufaktur Gutmann - Design.
Hochleistungsbeton von Gutmann - Design.
Gutmann Design stell in Deutschland her.
Betondesign unbedenkliche Materialien von Gutmann - Design.
Nachhaltige Beton Manufaktur Gutmann - Design.

Design knock box drawer

for portafilter

Made from high-quality concrete and equipped with a removable dishwasher-safe stainless steel insert, this coffee pucks container is a must-have barista accessory for every coffee and design lover. Turn your coffee into a special experience, with accessories that delight your senses!

Hier siehst du unseren Kaffee Abschlagbehälter als kurzes Video mit allen funktionalen Vorteilen.

knock box

The knock-off container is a duo consisting of a stainless steel, dishwasher-safe inner container and stylish concrete shell. The inner part and the lid are designed so that the compost bin is easy to clean. Nothing sticks to the smooth, edgeless surface. The concrete body is provided with a long-term protection and is easy to wipe clean.


Two indentations are carved into the concrete on the sides of the coffee puck container, allowing the stainless steel insert to be easily removed for emptying and cleaning (also in the dishwasher). You can also order replacement steel containers so that you can continue collecting without any worries if a container is in the dishwasher.

Eine Knock Box für die Gastronomie, hochwertig, robus und mit wenig Platzbedarf da in die Höhe gebaut.
Hochwertiger Kaffee Abklopfbehaelter aus Beton Edelstahl und Silikon.

Shock absorbent
puck container

To avoid waking up everyone in the house when you knock out your portafilter early in the morning, we have come up with some ideas to reduce the knocking noise. The rod on which you knock is firmly connected to the stainless steel insert and coated with thick silicone. The 4500g concrete body with its felt feet on the underside also helps to reduce noise.

Barista accessory
for your dream kitchen

With a footprint of 17.5 x 16.5 cm, the coffee puck drawer saves valuable space on your worktop without sacrificing practicality. In addition to your coffee leftovers, you can also dispose of other kitchen waste in it. Felt feet ensure that the knock-out container stands securely in place and leaves no traces of use on your worktop.

Stabiler Küchen-Abfallbehälter in Betonoptik.
Ein Bio Mülleimer aus grauem Beton und Edelstahl in 2 Größen.

Barista accessories

You can choose from 2 sizes so that the stainless steel insert is a comfortable size for you and suitable for everyday use. Choose either the large insert with a volume of 3.4 liters or the small version with 2.2 liters. The tight-fitting lid ensures that the portafilter container can be filled with coffee and kitchen waste for several days without unpleasant odors escaping. It also makes a great gift for coffee fans and design lovers.

Details about the

portafilter knock-off container:


High-performance concrete, felt feet, dishwasher-safe stainless steel


Height x length x width : 215 x 175 x 165 mm


4500 g


Large 3.4 liters

Small 2.2 liters

Made in Germany 🇩🇪

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Frequently asked questions about

the coffee knock box:

Yes, the our coffe grounds container is odor-tight. The stainless steel lid lies flat and prevents odors from escaping.

Yes, the knock-off container can be ideally used in your restaurant, bub, bar or your café. Thanks to its small space requirement and its robust materials and the possibility of putting the stainless steel insert in the dishwasher, it is your ideal barista accessory. The inner insert corresponds to the GN 1/6 container and is therefore often used as a catering container because it has a uniform size, is easy to clean and still has an elegant design.

The barista accessories, like all of our products, are designed and produced in Germany, in the tranquil town of Ulm.

Yes and no: The stainless steel insert and the lid are made of high-quality, rust-proof stainless steel. Both can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. Please do not put the concrete in the dishwasher - it can simply be wiped off with a cloth or rinsed under clean water.

No, our products have long-term protection. Sealing the surface protects against contamination and maintains the velvety-soft feel of the concrete.

Clear water is the easiest and most gentle form of cleaning for the concrete coffee knock-out container. If it is particularly dirty, it can be cleaned with a mild soap under running water. Use a cloth or brush for this and dry the concrete paper towel dispenser with a cloth after cleaning. Bathroom cleaners, vinegar and acid should not come into contact with the concrete, but harsh cleaning agents are not necessary either.

The logo is embedded in the concrete as a recess. It is discreetly located on one side and can be hidden by simply turning the portafilter container.

Basically, the coffe griunds container has the same color as in the product photos. However, concrete is a natural product made from the raw materials cement and sand, which are subject to natural color variations. There may therefore be minimal color differences from batch to batch. If you buy several items from our portfolio at once, we will of course look for products in matching colors so that you end up with a harmonious set.

Concrete is a very robust material. The organic waste bin can usually survive everyday drops without damage; in the worst case, a corner will splinter.

Yes, we will deliver the replacement stainless steel containers including lids to you.

We deliver the replacement containers in the same size as the knock-out container you ordered.

Yes, you can use the knock box as an organic trash can, there is enough capacity for your kitchen leftovers.


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